cookmur , Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)
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Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)

Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)

Subtly sweet, a little warmish, and completely nostalgic are all perfect descriptors for fall and for these mini apple adulation pop cocottes! Whether you grew up eating pop cocottes or not, these vegan and gluten-free treats are sure to steal your heart.
They ’re caloric, short, cinnamon- invested, and everything you want in a fall treat. Plus, they ’re unexpectedly easy to make and bear just 9 constituents.

cookmur , Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)
Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)

How to Make Gluten-Free Pop Tarts

The short gluten-free dough for these pop cocottes relies on a combination of gluten-free flours for a balance of structure and tenderheartedness almond flour, brown rice flour, sludge flour, and arrowroot bounce. Sea swab and cinnamon add flavour to the dough.

You can make the dough in a coliseum using a confection knife or chopstick, but our favored system uses a food processor. Not only is it easier, but it snappily breaks up the vegan adulation while keeping it cold, which maximizes flakiness!

Next, we add apple adulation and maple saccharinity to the dough, which provides humidity and natural agreeableness.

also we roll out the dough and cut it into cute little places. Starting to look like pop cocottes, right!?

A nugget of apple adulation goes between two places of dough, and also we crimp and seal the edges with a chopstick.

A final “ x ” on the top allows brume to escape during baking and prevents cracking.

Pop them in the roaster and get ready because gluten-free pop cocottes are really passing, musketeers!

We hope you LOVE these apple adulation pop cocottes! They ’re

impeccably sweet
Subtly spiced
Perfect for fall
& SO nostalgic!
Make a batch for a special weekend treat or enjoy all week long by reheating in a toaster oven roaster. They would also make a succulent and decadent cate
outgunned with Creamy Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream or Coconut Whipped Cream.

cookmur , Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)
Mini Apple Adulation Pop cocottes( Vegan GF)


mug almond flour( we prefer Wellbee’s)
mug brown rice flour *

mug sludge flour *( plus redundant for rolling out)
mug arrowroot bounce *( also called arrowroot flour)
tsp ocean swab
1/2 tsp cinnamon
mug vegan adulation, cold and cubed( we used Miyoko’s)
/ 4 mug apple adulation( orsub-store-bought *)
1- 2 Tbsp maple saccharinity


  1. Preheat the roaster to 350 degrees F( 176 C) and line a baking distance with diploma paper. Set away. Also fix your “ rolling ” station by placing a piece of diploma or wax paper on a clean work face and dusting it freehandedly with sludge flour.
  2. DOUGH In a food processor( or mixing coliseum) combine the almond flour, brown rice flour, sludge flour, arrowroot bounce, swab, and cinnamon. palpitation( or whisk) to completely combine. Add the vegan adulation and palpitation( or use a confection knife or chopstick) to combine until crumbly.
  3. Add1/4 mug( 60 g) of apple adulation( acclimate the quantum if altering the dereliction number of servings) and maple saccharinity( starting with the lower quantum) and palpitation until the admixture comes together into a wettish dough ball and there are no egregious stripes offlour.However, add the fresh teaspoon of maple saccharinity, If it seems too dry and is n’t holding together when pressed between your fritters.
  4. Working snappily, transfer the dough to your floured diploma or wax paper. Dust the top freehandedly with further sludge flour and press into a thick, indeed fragment. Use a rolling leg to roll the dough out into a cube
    1/ 8- inch thick and about 10 × 15 elevation, adding further flour as demanded to help sticking.

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