Enchilada-Stuffed Butternut Squash , COOKMUR
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How to Made Nchilada-Stuffed Butternut Squash

Enchilada-Stuffed Butternut Squash

Assuming that you love enchiladas and cooked winter squash, this formula is an unquestionable requirement attempt! We cherished the filling of our enchilada prepare such a lot of we really wanted to add it to a cooked butternut squash, and the outcomes were incredible!

This smoky, sassy, generous stuffed squash is an ideal plant-based, without gluten, sans nut entrée for fall and winter. Appreciate it all alone or top with guacamole and hot sauce and serve close by grains or a green plate of mixed greens. Only 7 fixings required!

Enchilada-Stuffed Butternut Squash , COOKMUR

Step by step instructions to Make Stuffed Squash

The initial step is to split the squash and eliminate the seeds and strings so it’s prepared for broiling! We like scouring the tissue with a little oil, salt, and pepper prior to cooking to secure dampness and imbue it with additional flavor.

Butternut squash is our top pick for this formula (hi, sweet, energetic, fiber-and potassium-rich excellence). However on the off chance that you have different sorts of winter squash to go through, for example, spaghetti squash or oak seed squash, they ought to likewise function admirably here.

When the squash is split, deseeded, and prepared, it’s prepared to cook until delicate and caramelized.

While the squash is in the stove, delicate dark beans stew away in our smoky red enchilada sauce with sautéed onion and chime pepper. The smoky, sassy filling is then added to the pit in the broiled squash, which is heated again until the filling is hot and effervescent.

Once out of the broiler, disintegrated tortilla chips add a discretionary (however scrumptious) crunchy beating for considerably more surface.

The stuffed squash is prepared to appreciate with no guarantees or finished off with your decision of guacamole, hot sauce, veggie lover sharp cream, cilantro, and additionally red onion.

Enchilada-Stuffed Butternut Squash , COOKMUR

We want to believe that you LOVE this stuffed butternut squash! It’s:

Appetizing sweet
& SO tasty!

It’s the ideal entrée for fall and winter, particularly served close by a green serving of mixed greens or grains (quinoa, millet, earthy colored rice, or white rice). The flavors would match well with our Chickpea Cleaved Kale Salad with Adobo Dressing, Barbecued Corn Salad with Vegetarian Chipotle Farm, or Green Cauliflower Rice (20 Minutes!).


  • 1 enormous butternut squash, split and seeds eliminated (leave skin on)
    1 tsp avocado or olive oil (if without oil, exclude oil and rub with a little maple syrup)
    1 sound squeeze every ocean salt and dark pepper
    1 Tbsp avocado oil (or sub other unbiased oil or veggie lover spread//if without oil, sub water and add more depending on the situation to forestall staying)
    1 medium red or orange ringer pepper, diced
    1/4 tsp ocean salt
  • 1 (15-oz) can dark beans, depleted and flushed (or natively constructed//1 can yields ~1 ¾ cup cooked beans)
    1 ½ cups red enchilada sauce (or locally acquired, for example, Frontera brand)

FOR Fixing discretionary

  • 1/2 cup squashed tortilla chips (without grain on a case by case basis)


  1. Heat stove to 425 F (218 C) and line a baking sheet with material paper.
  2. Utilize a sharp blade to painstakingly split the butternut squash, then, at that point, scoop out the seeds and strings and rub the tissue with oil and salt and pepper.
  3. Place the squash cut side down and meal for 35-45 minutes or until the skin is carmelized and tissue is delicate (a blade embedded ought to handily slide in and out). It’s smarter to overbake than underbake the squash as you need it exceptionally delicate and somewhat caramelized.
  4. Meanwhile, make the filling by warming a medium pan or pot over medium hotness. Once hot, add oil and onion and sauté for 4-5 minutes, mixing often, until the onion is clear and starting to marginally brown. Turn down heat marginally if sautéing excessively fast.
  5. Add diced chime pepper and ocean salt and mix. Cover and sauté – mixing often – for 5 minutes or until mellowed and delicately seared.
  6. Mix in the (depleted) dark beans and enchilada sauce and stew for ~10 minutes to merge the flavors. Then, at that point, switch off hotness, cover, and put away.
  7. Eliminate squash from the stove, flip, and utilize a spoon to crush down and to make an articulated divet along the focal point of the squash (this will set aside a lot of space for the filling). Pour on the filling (the squash ought to be very full and exceptionally sassy). Top with squashed tortilla chips (discretionary) for a fresh garnish for added surface.
  8. Lower broiler hotness to 400 F (204 C) and heat filled squash for another 15-20 minutes or until brilliant brown and effervescent.
  9. Serve hot with no guarantees, or embellishment with hot sauce, cilantro, diced onion, avocado or guacamole, as well as vegetarian harsh cream (all discretionary). This would likewise combine well with cooked rice or a green serving of mixed greens.
  10. Store cooled extras canvassed in the fridge for up to 4-5 days, or in the cooler for as long as multi month. Warm in the microwave or in a 350 degree F (176 C) broiler until hot.

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