Strawberry Lemonade

Easy Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Easy Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

A definitive summer boost made simpler and better. Tart lemon juice is mixed with ready strawberries and normally improved with agave nectar to make the ideal equilibrium of tart and sweet. This strawberry lemonade is brilliant and new with an excellent pink tone. Only 3 fixings, 10 minutes, and 1 blender required. Permit us to show you how it’s done.

Best Regular Sugars for Strawberry Lemonade

To guarantee the most ideal character while keeping this strawberry lemonade normally improved. We did bunches of testing: agave, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and stevia. An unmistakable champ stuck out: agave! It mixed without a hitch and furthermore upgraded the strawberry and lemon flavors without being overwhelming.

Not as winning?

Honey adhered to the lower part of the blender. Which made mixing somewhat more fussy, but it was extremely botanical and delectable.
Maple syrup gave it a maple strawberry flavor not something we liked. But rather it would be great with whiskey.
Coconut sugar was excessively flavor explicit and had an aftertaste like earthy colored sugar.
Stevia will work assuming you’re utilized to its trailing sensation. Yet it’s interesting not to get carried away while as yet giving sufficient equilibrium to the pungency of the lemons.

Step by step instructions to Make Strawberry Lemonade

This formula is inconceivably simple. Essentially mix up new strawberries with water, agave, and a liberal measure of lemon juice and it’s prepared to serve.

With this dump and mix strategy. It will be somewhat foamy at the top (which we appreciated). Yet, on the off chance that foamy isn’t your thing. You can mix the strawberries and agave with simply a modest quantity of water then, at that point, blend them in with the lemon squeeze and remaining water. We’ve incorporated a note for this strategy at the lower part of the formula.

Assuming that you incline toward a smoother choice. You can strain it through a fine lattice sifter to eliminate the strawberry seeds.

Then, at that point, essentially serve it at room temperature, chilled, or over ice.

We trust you LOVE this hand crafted strawberry lemonade! It’s:

Speedy and simple
& Ideal for summer!

It’s the ideal beverage for sweltering mid year days, berry season, and picnics.


1 piling cup cut ready strawberries, hulled and divided (natural whenever the situation allows)
3 cups separated water
1/2 – 3/4 cup agave* (we utilized the lesser sum for a more tart lemonade//or sub fluid priest natural product concentrate or fluid stevia to taste)
1 cup new lemon juice (~6-8 huge, delicious lemons as the formula is composed)


  1. Add all fixings (beginning with the lesser measure of agave) to a rapid blender and mix on medium-high until smooth — around 30 seconds. Taste and change on a case by case basis, adding more agave for pleasantness and to adjust the lemon, lemon juice for pungency, or strawberries for more strawberry flavor.
  2. Alternatively, for a smoother lemonade and to eliminate strawberry seeds, you can strain the fluid through a fine-network sifter prior to serving. We didn’t track down this progression important.
  3. Choice to cool the lemonade by moving it to a huge container and putting it in the cooler for something like 6 hours or short-term. Serve right away. You can likewise serve over ice. However it will weaken the character a little. Serve this lemonade all alone or as a blender with tequila, gin, or vodka.
  4. Lemonade will keep in a fixed holder in the cooler for as long as 5 days, or hold up in popsicle molds for a sweet, chilly treat. Can likewise be frozen into ice shapes and added to summer drinks.

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