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A Simple without gluten Almond Flour Scone formula is surprising as a low-carb breakfast and splendid with sans sugar jam and whipped cream. Reward, this scone formula is additionally sans gluten, paleo-friendly. I have the energy for baking low-carb keto plans that are without gluten, and these scones won’t ever disillusion. They are firm outside, light, rich inside with a tasty almond flavor from almond flour.

In case you are after an incredible tasting without gluten scone formula, this is the one to try! ARE SCONES KETO-FRIENDLY?
To make a low-carb form of the exemplary scones, utilize low-carb flour and supplant the milk with a low-sugar elective.

Step by step instructions to MAKE ALMOND FLOUR SCONES

Follow the basic formula card at the lower part of this post, or read my more itemized guidelines underneath.


Almond flour – in case you are new to baking with almond flour, ensure the one you purchase is super fine, brilliant in shading. Never utilize a thick, dull almond supper for baking, or the outcome is grainy and coarse. Figure out how to pick the best keto-accommodating flour.

Egg – I attempted flax egg ordinarily in this formula, and consistently the scones self-destruct. You can utilize boxed egg replacers, however, flax eggs don’t work for a sans egg almond flour scone formula.

Sugar of decision – I utilized erythritol, yet any keto gem sugar functions admirably. If not on a keto diet, coconut sugar can be utilized as a paleo choice.

Vanilla concentrate

Almond milk at room temperature – The temperature is fundamental in case you are utilizing dissolved coconut oil. Coconut oil sets in touch with fluids coming straight out of the ice chest. It brings about oil protuberances in your scone player, which are hard to eliminate and affect the taste.

Baking powder


Liquefied margarine or coconut oil – the two choices function admirably with various outcomes in shading and taste. For instance, coconut oil makes the scones hard and more white in shading. For a rich brilliant almond flour scone, utilize dissolved butter. CAN I USE COCONUT FLOUR?

No, coconut flour doesn’t assimilate fluids the same way and would give something else altogether. You need to utilize Almond Flour in this formula.


Indeed, you can utilize normal flour in this formula, however, remember that they wouldn’t be low-carb scones any longer!


No, Almond Flour is a completely protected flour to eat.

Would i be able to MAKE SCONES WITHOUT EGGS?

It is feasible to make this formula without eggs. Utilizing a Flaxseed Egg doesn’t actually work, yet some egg replacers Bob Red Mill’s Egg Replacer does.


Before you start, preheat the stove to 350°F (180°C). Line a baking sheet with material paper. Put away.


In a huge bowl, add the almond flour, sugar of decision, and baking powder. Give a decent rush to join. Put away.

In another bowl, beat the egg with almond milk and dissolve margarine or softened coconut oil and vanilla concentrate.

At long last, join the wet fixings into the dry fixings. Continue to mix until it shapes a thick scone player.


Gently oil your hands with coconut oil prior to taking care of the player, as it very well may be tacky.

Then, on a material-lined baking sheet, place the scone hitter and straighten it into a 1-inch-thick plate (2.5 cm).

Utilize a sharp blade or pizza shaper to remove 8 wedges. Then, at that point, spread each wedge onto the baking sheet to keep the scones from contacting one another.

This guarantees that the scone sides heat appropriately and fresh well. Truth be told, on the off chance that you don’t spread each wedge on the baking sheet, the edges stay soggy and under-prepared.
Finally, brush the most noteworthy mark of each scone with almond milk and sprinkle some extra sans sugar on top – I used erythritol.


That is not my beloved scone shape just on the grounds that round scones take somewhat more work to do. In any case, if you love round scones that you can cut and load up with sans sugar jam, then, at that point, here’s the means by which to make them.

To make round scones, place the scone player onto a piece of gently lubed material paper.

Spot one more piece of material paper on top of the batter and smooth it with a folding pin or your hand into a 1-inch thickness.

Strip off the top piece of material paper and afterward utilize a crease cutout shape to remove bits of the mixture.

Move the round bits of mixture onto a baking sheet fixed with material paper, leaving some space between every scone, so they don’t contact one another.

I like to slide a spatula or level instrument under the slice scones to move tenderly to the baking plate. This keeps them losing their shape.

Then, at that point, utilize the leftover batter from an external perspective of the slice shapes to change a mixture ball.

Rehash the means above to cut more round scones from the batter.

Prepare your scones with almond flour at 350°F (180°C) for 20 – 30 minutes or until brilliant brown on top and dry on the edges.

Cool down on a wire rack for no less than 60 minutes. The scones are somewhat delicate when out of the broiler and get firm in the wake of chilling off.


Plain almond flour scones are flavorful all alone or taste far better with garnishes or filling.


I love to sprinkle some cut almonds on the highest point of my scones prior to baking. It brings about barbecued toasted, firm almonds on every scone.

Or on the other hand you can shower some sweet coating on top of the prepared scones.

Then, at that point, utilize a spoon to shower the sweet coating on top of every scone.

You can enhance the coating by adding 1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate, almond concentrate, or lemon zing.


In the UK or New Zealand, scones are served plain, in a round shape, and afterward cut down the middle to be filled.

The most scrumptious filling for these almond flour scones that are additionally sound and keto-accommodating are:

Unsweetened whipped cream

Without sugar jam like my sans sugar chia seed raspberry jam formula

Or then again why not, spreading a portion of these:

Salted spread

Peanut butter

Almond Butter

Custom made without sugar Nutella

Anything tastes incredible on these almond scones! Be imaginative and play with flavor and spreads.


You can utilize this plain almond flour scone formula to make a scope of flavorsome keto scones.

To do as such, I recorded beneath some food you can mix in the completed player:

Blueberries and lemon zing – that is the most famous mix of flavors for scones. Indeed, blueberry scones and lemon zing taste astonishing and work in any season. Mix in 1/2 cup of new or frozen blueberries and 1 tablespoon of ground lemon zing.

Strawberries or raspberries – mix in 1/2 cup of finely hacked strawberries or raspberries.

Dull chocolate chips – without sugar chocolate chips taste astonishing in this almond flour player.


You can store the scones in the storage space enveloped by a spotless kitchen towel to keep them new and fresh. They can be saved for as long as 3 days at room temperature.

Freezing scones is simple. Spot the scones in a sealed shut box or cooler sack and freeze for some other time.

To defrost frozen scones, welcome on a wire rack the other day and defrost at room temperature.

You can rewarm the scones by cutting them down the middle and bring them into a bread toaster oven.

Hypersensitivity SWAPS

If you have some food hypersensitivity and you can’t utilize a portion of the fixings recorded in this formula. There are possibilities for you.
Nut hypersensitivity – obviously, this is an almond flour scone formula, so it’s made of nuts, however assuming you need to make a keto sans gluten scone without almond flour, there are three choices. You can utilize a similar measure of sesame flour, pumpkin flour, or sunflower seed flour. Note that the last two choices make the scones more obscure in shading. In some cases heated products with these flours can likewise become greenish.

Without dairy – utilize liquefied coconut oil rather than spread.

Without egg – as referenced previously, flax eggs don’t convey extraordinary outcomes in this scone formula. The hitter will not solidify, and the scones are left delicate and break without any problem. Another without egg choice is Bob Red Mill’s egg replacer.

Sans gluten – this scone formula is normally sans gluten, however if you have a solid narrow mindedness to gluten, ensure your baking powder is without gluten.

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